Today’s culture tells us that pride is wrong. Our children are being discouraged from taking pride in their American blood. They can take no pride in their heritage as they know nothing about it. They are taught that pride is to elevate oneself above another which is hurtful to society. In reality it hurts their communistic ideals for which they are fighting hard. You cannot look at America today without seeing socialistic ideas and principles blatantly displayed. We can no longer rely on speaking our own language; we must speak everyone elses. We cannot lift our country up too highly lest in doing so we appear to degrade another’s. We cannot hold to our beliefs as it may hinder others in their own. We must conform. We cannot be one or the other. We must be both or neither.

However its not simply within the confines of being American citizens. As in so many other areas, it is within the family.

For many years now we’ve had women in the work force. To the point that it has become so excepted, many conclude it as strange for a woman to fulfill her biblical role. And now of course, as the former has destined it to be, we have what we call “stay at home dads”. I don’t know about you, but I call that grotesque! Women aren’t content with their God-given role and neither are men.

The modern man (I use the word loosely – more properly termed “guy”) can be described as a white freckled wimp, disregarding any natural form of masculinity, who bows down and kisses the toe of almighty woman.

Very much unlike the dominating,(1 Tim. 2:13) hard working,(Gen. 2:5,15) masculin,(Prov. 20:29) form of which God intended all men to be.

Likewise, the modern woman is loud, domineering, outside of the home – working, and thus uneducated in being both a wife and mother.

Contrary to the quiet,(1 Pet. 3:4) submissive, (Eph. 5:22) virtuous wife and mother, (Prov. 31:28) that God intended for all women to be.

It takes blind eyes to not see how this has brought about the all to popular disfunctional family.

Worse yet, further up the very same line, we must confront – homosexuals.

You may consider it far fetched. It’s not. It too, just like the afore mentioned, is simply a result of discontenment with their God given state. They take no pride in who they are, who made them, and how they were made.

This is *the* issue, the deepest issue, and where it all begins.

Hopefully we’re content with what gender God made us, and how he made us, but folks, can we do a little better? Can’t we be proud of it?

Men – Can’t you be proud that you’re a man – a strong one, working a job, husband and father(or to be someday)?

Women – Can’t you be proud that you’re a woman, born to be a helpmeet to man, wife and mother(or to be someday)?

The least you can do is take pride in the sovereign God that made you as such!

It is only when the pride sets in that you can work to perfect your character, and model your given biblical role. We don’t even have a fair amount of true men and women in our day and age, it’s not a wonder that gentlemen and ladies are almost extinct!

I’ve thought, “Out of all the men I know, there’s not a one that is godly enough, gentlemanly enough, and enough to my liking, that I could say “yes” too.

You know what though, it just turned right back around on me. I knew that I’m not godly enough, lady enough, or enough to someone’s liking for them to ask! But it’s not a disappointment; not in the least – it’s a challange. I’m “just a young pup yet”, as I’ve been told. I’ve got plenty of time ahead of me! Would to God that it won’t be wasted!

Now, as a note: when I mentioned earlier about pride being taught as wrong, please use it’s surrounding context to discern what pride I’m speaking about. I’m not talking pride in general – self esteem, but essentially a pride in your Creator and Maker.

May I admonish you my dear ladies and gentlemen, Take pride! And be proud of it! 🙂