A couple years ago, when Mrs. Pearl first published her book “Created to be His Helpmeet” my mama along with plenty another went crazy over it! For months Mama passed them out to every woman she’d ever known! (almost) Anyway, a while ago while reading the NGJ magazine I noticed Miss Debbie’s latest, “Preparing to be a Helpmeet”. For some reason I had the notion it would be good. 🙂 Being the meiser that I am, I figured I’d wait a while after it came out and then bye it cheap off of amazon. Well to say the least, I got impatient! So I bought it – new! (with a discount 😀 ) I tell you, it’s worth every penny you pay! New or used, discount or no discount! Absolutely incredible! I wish I could supply every christian young lady with one of them!
I went into it not sure exactly how much I could get from it, seeing as I pretty much have my ducks in a row, 😛 but as my dear Lord has saw fit to do so many times lately, it humbled me. Between a few incidents, a sermon, and this book I think I’m beginning to see myself as I truly am; one good for nothing, stuck up, snob! I am so ashamed; however I’ve decided there’s not a better time than the present to deal with the issue. So here we go! By the mercy and grace of my savior, he continues to refine me. O how it hurts at times though!
I can guarantee that you’ll be a better person from reading this book, and it is an absolute must in my opinion!