Women, we make ‘em or we break ‘em.
I highly doubt that any of us realize exactly how large is the part we play in a man’s behaviour. How they act; how they respond is all dependent on our acts and responses. Now granted, a true man aught to be of the character that is not reliant upon anyone or anything else, but…regardless, the vast majority need our help. We sit around whining and griping that there aren’t any “men” (also termed ‘prospectives’) while the whole time we’re breaking them. (Or anything short of making them.) I know about that “no man” deal. I’ve complained about it for years. Come to find out now though a good deal of fault and shame can be placed upon these very shoulders. If I ever decide to post it, I’ve got some written concerning how in time past I dealt with the “lack of masculinity” problem that I saw. I reacted adversely which only ended up in turning men off and turning me into a hypocrite. I “dealt” with the problem by showing others my opionion. I exemplified in my conduct what I wanted to see in men. I walked, talked, dressed, anything I found possible within limits to portray masculinity. Give me a break, I was rather young. It took me a while, but I finally realized that this just wasn’t going to accomplish what I had previously hoped. So when I realized I couldn’t do anything, I made yet another mistake. Just the opposite extreme. (Rather typical of me!) I sat around and griped, whined, nagged, let everyone know what I thought of the males’ present state. That just made matters worse. It effected me negatively, as well as hardening those who heard. So it brings me to my current state, hopefully found different than the two previous. It took a few years, three people, and the Holy Spirit’s working, but I’ve decided that men can’t be men until women are women. Over the years, God has brought three different people into my life, all very much of the same type, all young men, and all of very irritable nature. They aren’t anywhere near manhood: very immature, childish, and could I say ‘slow’? So obviously, they aren’t exactly treated like everyone else. They’re treated like themselves. To my shame, I speak from experience. Though I, probably worse than most, because of my horrid sarcasm that seems to be such a major part of me. Because some of them are older, I just pawned my actions off on “not letting them think I like them”. And I could validly use it, because there were instances where I had sensed a liking. But still, it was a sorry excuse that should have never been used. It was just out of the blue, when God gave me a big wallop as to my hypocrisy. Here I looked down on these boys for not being men, and yet I treated them just like a 10 year old would! I frowned on their actions. I scowled at their character. I even bad-mouthed them to others! Quite the little lady, aye? I was given it, a big one, and I saw the beam in my own eye. As I was being convicted, I knew that they would not be the person they are if they were treated like men in a Christ-like manner. And of course Divine Providence confirmed that while I was conversing with a close friend on the matter; she has experienced different behavior from at least one of them, now that she treats him with due respect.
Though the ‘woman’ working has been going on in me for a while now, I guess this incident just pretty much blew me out of the water and showed me how far I have to go yet! I don’t think I ever realized before like I do now, (probably more yet, in the future) the responsibility that comes with womanhood. Just using this one area as example: three people that I can break by simply “not doing” (that’s not even considering “wrong doing”). Think of the impact that could be made and the lives that could be changed, if I would just simply die to myself so that He could live in me! That would in fact, take care of all my problems!
What’s that song? “I place my life, I place my will, I place my heart into Your hand…”

I’m so thankful for times like these though, because I’d much rather be learning it now than years down the road looking back to see only regrets! …If only I could learn it!…