The night was damp and dark and a slightly chilling wind found its way through the variety of architectural structures. Neither moon or stars could be seen as the city lights reflected off the heavy layer of smog that had settled almost within reach of the buildings’ tops. A lone figure was seen slowly making his way down the narrow streets. The sound of his footsteps on the brick beneath, resounded loudly against stone walls and then disappeared into the silent night’s thin air. It could not be told as to whether he was weary or cautious for nothing seemed to suddenly fright him, yet neither did he move with the air of a careless man who throws away reason for adventure. Reaching up, he pulled his hat brim a little further down, and gathered the folds of his long coat a bit closer to him. What could this mean? Why alone on a night as this? Surely this was some stranger from a far off place, naive to his new surroundings! A few steps further and suddenly a streak of movement broadsided him and knocked him heavily to the ground. In silent struggle he fought his opponent desperately; he was young and strong, but even he was not a match for this one! Drenched in sweat, and with every last ounce of strength taken from him, he submitted defeat to his enemy.

Little did he know that in the shadows, eyes of a fellow being were watching. Not eyes with the laugh of evil twinkling at what he had beheld, but eyes of love, compassion, and yea, even pity; eyes brimming with tears. His heart lurched within him and he swallowed hard on the lump in his throat. O, how he wanted to leap forth and reveal himself, saving this man from the wicked one’s hold! But no, it would do no good. Some have to feel the pain before they’ll avoid it. Some have to be wounded before they’ll resist. Other’s have to be held captive, before they’ll prize freedom. The victim was one of these.

My heart will hurt and my eyes will cry, but in blessed assurance, I rest in peace; because my Savior said,  “For whom he[God] did foreknow, he also did predestinate to be conformed to the image of his Son”, and I believe. Yeah, I believe.