I was seventeen years old. I had just graduated from highschool, and was determined to do something with my life. It didn’t matter so much as to what, I just wanted to “do” something. I didn’t want to sit around waiting for my gallant knight to come sweep me off my feet. No, I was going to be so busy and far away, he wouldn’t be able to find me!

Mission work seriously interested me, but I had no idea how to get there and where to start. For the next year I quietly worked with Daddy and helped teach my younger siblings. At eighteen, the Lord provided a job with which came money – a start. One of my co-workers and his wife attended a medical school in the Philippines soon there after and really encouraged me to go the next year. Mama had talked to me about considering nursing, but it really didn’t interest me and I didn’t see the practicality of getting medical training in the U.S. since I wanted to use it on the foreign field; quite frankly, it simply wouldn’t be applicable. However, this six week school in the Philippines, just seemed to float my boat. It was practical medical training in and for 3rd world conditions. So, I went for it.

Upon arrival home, I was ready to head to a foreign clinic and begin work, but Mama slowed me down. After a while of sitting around waiting for God to change my parent’s hearts, God began changing me. I realized that I was not adequately prepared to work at a clinic. Through this time I had a lot of urging from friends on the field, that I could do clinic work. But with time and God, I began looking down the road and also realized that I was still holding God in my box. Now was my time to gain knowledge if I wanted it; there just wouldn’t be a chance with a husband and brood. If the Lord didn’t end up sending me to the mission field I would be able to use the knowledge in any area in my own country, specifically in the way of herbs (something I would love to delve into)!

I knew my first step would be more medical training. I applied at our local community college for LPN and took the entrance exam. I had my counseling session and found out that pre-reqs would take me a year and then the actual program after that. I was already looking at two years of driving 50 miles everyday in a state where winter dominates a good 5 months of the year. Because I was not on campus I would have no help with my studies, either. I had heard that Pensacola Christian College was among the top ten in the nation when it came to Nursing programs so for the first time I considered this option.

After investigation I decided that when so many colleges cut their RN to two years and the LPN to 1 year, they cut out a lot of biology, chemistry, and other sciences, that underlie and make up medicine itself. I realized that what these have left out, happens to be the very thing that I am looking for. I could care less about the different methods, and how to understand a doctor’s orders, if I have the chance to understand medicine, and how it works. Since the day I was born I’ve wanted to know “why?”. You can tell me the facts, but if you don’t know why, pooh to you! Now that excludes the spiritual realm because God in His grace has given me faith enough to except Him and his ways whether I understand or not, but for the earthly sense, I believe He’s provided an answer to every question and I aim to understand that answer if the question arises. So I closed my eyes and dove in head  first. I now wait to be swallowed by a whale and spend the remainder of my days in his stinking belly. But alas if my Lord finds fit, I shall be able to tolerate an endless eternity on a college campus (gag), and get the medical training I so desire so that He might find fit to use me in the furtherance of His Kingdom.