Convictions: the left wing cries for them to be extinguished while the right wing fights tooth and nail for their existence.

Many of today’s Christians hold convictions that or more thoroughly based on man’s traditions then ever they were on Scripture. Yet many still, hold no convictions at all.

Some will put everything at stake to fight against smoking, drinking, and dancing. But as I sit in my pew and notice those in front, behind, and to the side of me, it just doesn’t seem to threaten me in such real way! On the other hand, I am constantly tempted with direct disobedience to the simplest of God’s commands! When has gossip been a conviction? Could that maybe be a real biblical danger that needs convictions to stand against it? What about forgiveness? Could that be such a conviction that it allows for no exceptions? What about love of the brethren? Could that be enough of a conviction that we begin to prove to the world who’s followers we actually are? The list goes on and on. Where are our convictions when it come’s to the commands of Christ? I have never seen a sin like gossip; so rampant among Christians yet so rarely preached against from the pulpit. Forgiveness? We don’t even know what that is! How many church splits, one after the other? How many families get up and walk out the door due to offence? How much gossip goes around and rumors started due to lack of forgiveness? Then the first and foremost of all commands: love.  How many unbelievers are daily turned away from christianity due to the bickering and fighting amongst christians? How is the world to know that we are His disciples? They don’t know because there isn’t any evidence!

Then there’s those that just say “no” to conviction. Let’s not define and not draw lines. Let’s ‘up’ the toleration. Let’s be a little more excepting. Let’s not be so snobbish and radical that we can’t get down on the world’s level and minister to them.
Thus, here we sit: pious and complacent christians, who keep our thoughts to ourselves. We can’t tell the world of a living savior because we don’t want to turn them off. Our witness will be that we read our Bibles, pray, and go to church (they wont be able to tell by our daily life style because it’s no different), but surely by this they will know that we are a christian and will ask us how they too can be saved. We can’t speak out against sin amongst fellow believers because there needs to be peace and unity, not dissension.

O for the day we had conviction to preach the gospel to every people, nation and tongue! Conviction to prove our authenticity by our love for the brethren! Conviction to do all things to the glory of God! Or…JUST CONVICTION!!! for crying in a bucket!