How Do I Forgive?

In my heart I know what’s right,

Anger and lies only fuel the fight.

Look at me, but do not see,

No ill for you – Let me be.

The venom still on your lips,

Knows no truth, only jabs and quips,

A heart of anger and of hate,

Forgive-n-heal, it’s getting late.

To forgive, What do I do?

Turn to the One who forgave you.

At the cross all bought and paid,

There hurt and anger must be laid.

Forgive each day a little more,

Over time no more a chore.

No more anger, jus’ joy-n-peace,

Cause His love does never cease.


So this is a good intro as to where God’s presently working in me. I can’t say much for myself (hence someone else’s poem) because I’m still working on that second to the last verse, and it just wouldn’t be very beneficial for you to know the range of my anger, resentment, and bitterness. But Lord willing I will be able to put in my own words, soon, first hand experience. Have you ever had the knowledge, but just not known how to impliment that knowledge and get it working? Well, that’s me! In my honest attempts towards that end, I’ve learned a few facts concerning forgiveness. Now understand that when you get to a certain point in science you just start thinking science. Everything revolves around science: particularly vocabulary and it can be very frustrating. But you can identify where I am in Anatomy & Physiology when –  I heard someone say that was forgiveness was “all or none”. It’s not partial; you can’t harbor a little bit of faith. You either forgive, and forgive entirely, or you don’t forgive at all. So I was mulling that over a while later and suddenly my thought process stalled, as I tried to recall why the “all or none” caught my attention. Ahah! (That’s called insight – learned in psych.) Forgiveness is like a neuron impulse. It’s not partial, either strong; it’s an impulse or it’s not. Secondly, I recalled someone saying “You have to forgive constantly.” It’s not a one time deal. It may mean every hour of the day. When your mind recalls and anger rises, you must forgive. And when it happens thirty minutes later, you must forgive again. That rang another bell. Forgiveness really is like a neuron impulse! As it can’t be partial or above normal – strong or weak, it is it’s frequencey that determines its strength. The more times it’s sent, the stronger it is. Forgiveness requires frequency – until the message is sent. But then,( aside from forgiveness being like neurons) as I’ve been coming to grips with where my problem lies, I’ve realized it’s all selfishness on my part.I refuse to acknowledge in faith the full extent of  God’s power.  I am refusing to hurt because anger feels better. I realize that I’m refusing to forgive something so small while eagerly excepting God’s forgivness for my heinious crimes against himself and all mankind. God, make me forgive!