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so now I can talk politics!

As a Christian American, this has been one of the hardest fought battles that I’ve encountered within my own heart and mind and by no means does it rest only in whether or not it is right and lawful to vote for the lesser of two evils, but rather in the whole of God and country – what the tie is and how strong, if one at all. I’ll save the broader of the question for discussion at another time, but for now I want to present the opposing sides of the issue of voting for the lesser of two evils.

Following is a copy of my sister’s FB post, presenting the stance that every Christian must vote for God’s candidate (yes it’s termed loosely, but let’s not get nit picky).

Do I dare suggest that a Christian is responsible before God for how they vote in the matter of civil and governmental authorities? God will not be caught by surprise, nor does He need our help to accomplish His purpose. He does however, require of us actions that honor Him in all.

I have heard many Christians say that if a person were not to vote for the lesser of two evils they are “throwing their vote away”. Pray tell me how you can stand as a Christian and cast your vote before God for a man who is wishy-washy at best and makes no pretense of standing for the one true God or His divine priciples and law? A man who openly supports murder in “certain cases”, and a man who does not even believe in the true Christ?

Tell me that a decisive choice for that man is honoring to my God! Americans, and especially those who name the name of Christ have become so brainwashed that they do not even understand their duty before God in this matter. How will America ever turn back to her God unless Christians are willing to do their duty before Him even though it may come at a cost to them?

Yes, doing the right thing always comes at a cost; but it will be worth it when we hear those words “well done thou good and faithful servant”. Anything and everything worthwhile comes at a price; often a great price. I personally am willing to pay that price!      

You may say that so-and-so has a, say 70% vote rating by Right to Life. And you want me to believe that you are doing a good thing by voting for someone who voted for murder 30% of the time? What has our duty before God come down to?

And then from a fellow blogger whom I highly respect:

In a previous post, I stated flatly that I would not be voting for Romney, but instead would be voting for the Constitution Party candidate because that is who more closely represents my beliefs. The question that guided my decision was to ask myself what is the RIGHT thing to do. As you read through the replies – including my own replies – I moved from that position to saying that I WILL be voting for Romney. This post is where I try to put into words how that decision came about.

Early in our history, or perhaps it was an illusion all along, we voted for candidates based on their stated position, their background, and other criteria. While those are still the terms in which we discuss elections, it is only a mask for what is really happening.America has divided into two very distinct groups. Two diametrically opposed groups with ideas that are completely incompatible, with no room for true compromise. One will be in power and the other will actively oppose anything done by the group in power. The candidate names and the party names are just convenient labels. The two major parties have completely switched roles over the last 150 years, so the only constant is the struggle between the guiding principles of these two groups.

• One group believes that the individual is responsible for his own material destiny, and that government exists to protect individuals from force or fraud and to provide a basic framework for a civilized society. The same applies on the family level but no further. This group is identified by the labels: conservative, The Right, Republican, libertarian, etc.

• The other group believes that government exists to ensure fairness and equality. It is an egalitarian system that believes all people have equal talent and ability and drive, and that if results are unequal then it must be because the system is unfair and it is government’s role to make it “fair”. This group believes it is the role of government to redistribute wealth to ensure equal results. This group is identified by the labels: liberal, The Left, Democrat, socialist, etc.

Since the objective of these two groups is to win a majority of the votes, there is a self-leveling mechanism involved in the party platforms. The Left will move just far enough to the right to try to win a majority, while the Right will move just far enough to the left to try to do the same. If one side won’t move toward the center, then the other side captures those votes and gains power. While the line between the two sides is constantly shifting, it is still a line drawn down the middle resulting in a close election. Landslides are the result of one side failing to read the mood of the country and not adjusting their position accordingly.

To really understand the difference between these two groups, I look as closely at the people who support them as I do the actual candidates. The liberal side is coarse, crude, vulgar, immoral, and aggressively attacks my most basic beliefs taught by The Bible. They are sometimes referred to as the “Free Stuff Army” and the “Gimme-Dats”. As I imagine my grandchildren living in a world controlled by the liberals, it chills me to the bone. I have a duty to do what I can to keep that from happening. Protecting future generations is one of the most basic obligations of the Southern gentleman.

The two basic rules of power in America are: 1) There are only two sides, and they are defined by whether the individual or the government is responsible the individual’s success or failure. 2) We pick the side that we believe is right and vote for that side. The name of the party or the candidate is just a way to identify which side we believe in.So, what is the RIGHT thing to do once one recognizes how this works? My conclusion is that we pick the side we believe is right and vote for that side. That leaves me with only one option – to cast my vote for the conservative side, which in this election is Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan. It is far from a perfect choice, but what in life isn’t?